Screenshot of a spaceship facing towards a bright yellow star as a battle occours in the stars glow.

Space Reggae

A procedural generation project

Project Premise

This university module required the creation of a procedural space diorama. Gameplay was not required or marked.

Procedural Solar System

This project procedurally generates its solar system each time the game is ran. It first generates a star type and then creates and places planets around it. These planets are coloured based upon their distance from the sun (to represent temperature).

Procedural Music

The "music" is generated based upon the battle that is happening. All AI spacecraft actions related to firing weaponry are synced to the beat. Then each action is represented by a sound. Other metrics such as enemy numbers are tracked in order to create the melodies pitch.

This variety in the music generated is very limited, this could be further improved upon by tracking more metrics and using them to layer additional audio effects. For example swing could be applied based upon which team is winning or loosing.