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Alwyn Owen

Programmer / Gamer / Mod Maker

Hi! My name is Alwyn, I'm a creative programmer with a wide skill set gained from a diverse portfolio of projects. Currently most of my time is spent in C++, however, I am also profficent in C# and can turn my hand to any language required to get the job done.


  • BSc (Hons) Games Computing: First class
  • University of Lincoln School of Computer Science award for "Best Project BSc (Hons) Games Computing"
  • Microsoft Technology Associate: Software Development Fundamentals (2018)


I enjoy playing a wide selection of games, with particular interest in Racing, VR, and Simulation. Whether it be Sim Racing in Assetto Corsa with a FFB wheel, building a utopian city in Cities Skylines, or jumping through precariously placed concrete hoops above an airstrip in Burnout Paradise, its all good in my books.

Outside of computers, I enjoy cycling, with a love of trails that provide good variety and a sense of flow. I also like cars of all types from basic economy vehicles up to hypercars, and am always eager to learn about the technical design details and compromises that make them best suited for their intended purposes. This has lead to me reading about road car aerodynamics and designing and building cars for BeamNG.

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