A racegrid filled with 8 R20's in multiple colours. The R20 is an open top targa style sports car with 2 seats.

Raven R20

Early work in progress

What is it?

The Raven R20 is a small MX5 sized sportscar. It typically features a 2.5l V6 in the front, with rear wheel drive.

The 3D model was created in Blender, while the physics skeleton was created in Notepad++. It was built from the ground up for use in BeamNG



A rally version of the R20 driving on a sweeping muddy s-bend in a forest environment.

A Raven R20 parked in a petrol station parking space next to a Raven R60 with a roof box. The petrol station is in a town environment with a large fuel station sign behind the cars.

The racegrid from a different viewpoint, where the camera is placed in a first person position from the last car on the grid.