A Virtual Reality Scene of multicoloured flying objects in a grey room.

Block Avoider VR

Created for a University of Lincoln Hackathon 2016

Block Avoider VR is a simple game, coloured blocks are bouncing around a room and the player has to avoid them in 3D space. In addition to this the blocks are either red, green or blue. The player can change their colour to become immune to one colour of block.

Mini Post mortem

The biggest issue with this project is that it forced the player to spin around a lot. For the most part with Google Cardboard this is fine, since there are no cables like with desktop VR solutions. However, this constant fast rotation would start to make players feel ill since it isn't what the devices were designed to do. One possible solution to this would be to change the camera from first person to third person, so the player doesn't have to spin their head to see if there is anything behind.